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What happens if...? How can I...? I wonder why...?

A week full of questions and many opportunities for children to demonstrate many characteristics of effective learning such as critical and creative thinking, having-a-go, making links and exploring.

Children's interests included: writing shopping lists, mark making with water & chalk, making hot chocolate in the mud kitchen, building dinosaur land, jigsaws, x-rays and creating volcanoes.

Lots of building using wooden bricks inside, foam bricks (using sand and water as cement), Lego construction, Brio Mech and creating different shapes using sand moulds.

The heavy rain did not deter play outside! The children used milk crates to make slides and build a bridge to span the huge puddle that emerged. Lots of splashing, pouring and jumping shouting "canonball"!

The craft area was a favourite this week with many children exploring what happened if they mixed different colours (how can we make it lighter/darker?), overlapping tissue paper to create new colours.

Adult support was given with self-care skills e.g. how to put on wellies, coats & shoes. Taking turns and sharing, holding pencils to form letters, matching objects to numerals, extending children's interest in volcanoes by making one erupt!

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