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Tuff play!

No it's not a spelling mistake but refers to all the play and learning the children enjoyed using the outdoor tuff trays that were filled by the rain.

This meant we could wash the dinosaurs, create bubbles, pour the water down chutes, make soup, scoop and fill up various containers. Questions were asked about how we could collect rain to make the water deeper and which objects would sink or float?

Indoor activities included fishing but without the water! Our magnetic fishing game is a favourite and helps the children to take turns and share. The small story baskets that include a book and small world figures have been popular this week too and new ones are added each week such as "A squash and a squeeze".

Talking of squeezing some children had a go had making playdough that proved lots of fun and later on in the week some made playdough pizzas based on their experiences of visiting certain pizza restaurants.

Along with celebrating birthdays we also joined Playbox Toddler Group in Church to celebrate Harvest Festival with our Minister Gordon.

The children sang "Big Red Combine Harvester" with gusto!

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