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Choose your mode of transport.

However you wanted to travel around Noah's Ark this week the children had it covered; from trains, buses taxis and even aeroplanes. Of course if there were any mechanical failures you could go the garage to have things fixed or even pop into the bubble car wash to have your car cleaned.

To help give directions to the various methods of transport the children were encouraged to chalk out roads, direction signs, traffic lights and train tracks.

More mark making took place indoors with children drawing characters from stories they had listened to, drawing insects of interest from books and creating a "noo-noo tree".

Animals are always a favourite topic so children were encouraged to create animal habitats using a variety of materials and discover the variety of different species from books.

With so much going on we put up the dark den and had a "sleep-over". This gave the staff the opportunity to talk about bedtime routines i.e.brushing teeth, setting alarms to get up. The children helped to make "breakfast" in the morning and others then went off to work on the bus before returning for another sleepover!

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