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About Us

Noah’s Ark is a Christian pre-school that welcomes, values and respects the uniqueness of each child and family. 

We believe that childhood is a time for children to be, to explore and make meaning of their world. A sense of trust, security and belonging helps them to build positive relationships as well as respect for themselves and others.

We believe that when children are allowed to follow their own interests and motivations and take age appropriate risks within a safe, warm, caring and supportive learning environment, they will develop an eagerness to learn and acquire the skills needed for formal learning to take place later on. 


We believe that working closely in partnership with parents will help each child thrive, enjoy and achieve.


We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experiences and environment we provide.



You shall know them

by what they do

(Matthew 7:16)



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