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Time to decorate!

Very culinary week with lots of decorating

Children's interests have included: Making kites, building ramps for the toy cars, rolling balls along guttering/pipes, ball throwing, making magic potions, sewing, stirring leaves and adding water in the mud kitchen, finding out about worms and what they eat. Using Lego to build farms, houses and flying cars.

Role-play has involved group play with domestic scenes, being mechanics & fixing the bikes, pretending to be police officers (after a visit from PC John).

Mark making using paints and felt tips; creating Wanted posters (again inspired after PC John visit! Drawing characters from Hansel & Gretal story.

Sensory play included feeling texture of clay, running fingers through rice & lentils, pouring, sprinkling.

Adult support given with:

Letter recognition & letters in children's names.

Making icing sugar and decorating biscuits with an assortment of sweets (just like in Hansel & Gretal story)

Talking about how others may feel if we hit, snatch, not share, use unkind words .(Read This is our house story)

Decorating lanterns for Light parade on Friday 25th November ,prior to switching on of the Knaresborough Christmas lights.

Road safety

For Children in Need the children decorated spotty biscuits & made spotty pictures.

Also this week we had members of the fund raising committee busily creating Christmas cards using the children's artwork. Beautiful designs!

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