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Imagination and determination

A strong theme running through this week for the children has been building and construction, from transporting bricks to build houses, making rockets out of Lego, creating cone castles in the sandpit, making tunnels for trains,using tools to fix roads and getting hands on with nuts and bolts.

The favourite role-play of superheroes has also been prevalent with children adding powers such as "fire, ice and being nice". Pirates have also been on the scene hunting for treasure with their maps.

Children requested the following story sacks: Very Quiet Cricket, Old Woman who swallowed a fly & The Singing Mermaid. They joined in with the story telling using the various resources and props included in the sacks.

Mark making in various forms has included mixing paints, using wax crayons with a paint overlay, some children have been eager to write their names on own artwork and look for the letters in their name using magnetic letter board.

Adult support was given with pencil and scissor control as well as helping children develop independence with self care.

Measuring and matching included activities such as compare bears, peg board jigsaws and colour matching games.

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