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Snow & volcanoes...

A variety of activities were accessed by the children this week and of course the arrival of snow was greeted with much excitement!

The playdouh was used to create birthday cakes and Christmas puddings, role-play included sleeping beauty, going to the hospital, moving house, delivering present on sleighs and being dinosaurs.

Lots of creativity was seen in the craft and building areas using paints, black gloop, Lego, mosaic shapes and glitter. Volcanoes are still an interest to some of the children who were intrigued by the volcanic rock that a teacher brought in; subsequently this led onto finding out how the rock came to the surface.

During the cold spell of weather the children have been exerting their independence by putting on their coats, boots, hats and gloves. Support has been given with self-care and also with writing, taking turns and spelling names.

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