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Fun filled fortnight....

Mark making has been a popular activity over the past few weeks with the children choosing to use various media. We have seen drawings of Batman, family pets, children practicing their names, fire work/bonfire paintings and Elmer paintings too.

Story telling is a great way to introduce mark making to children. We went on a bear hunt outside and the discovery of a chalk bear meant children went off to make their own drawings.

Others enjoyed the opportunity to explore and make marks with the cornflour and water on the tuff tray.

We were fortunate to have Superheroes appear in the setting who rescue cats on roofs, people from volcanoes and help dogs stuck in the big tree log! However if we needed medical help then there were plenty of doctors and nurses inside to make us better along with some fire-fighters on hand for other emergencies.

In case that wasn't enough the children also found time to bake biscuits & buns, make boats to float in our water-filled tuff trays, solve puzzles, sing lots of songs, design and create dinosaurs, finish jigsaws and create water slides for the marine animals. Pheww!

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