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About to fly the nest...

As the days count down to the end of the summer term it means we will soon be saying our goodbyes to the children who will be leaving to begin new and thrilling adventures at their new schools.

Over the past few weeks the children have continued to have exciting and energising ideas as well as being eager to explore the invitations to play that the team have created.

Yes we had the builders in again but this time they built an extension to the sand pit and added a kitchen and dinning room. The sunny weather not only helped the cement to set but prompted the making of parasols to help shade us and keep us cool. With the Olympics on the horizon the children have been engaged in lots of physical activities to hone their balancing and spatial awareness skills; from handstands and headstands to negotiating wobbly obstacle courses and even partaking in horse jumping.

Water again played a big part in sparking off ideas from making colourful potions, that could turn you into a frog, to making delicious food for the insects in the bug hotel. Funnels and chutes were used to channel water and ideas tested as to how to make the water run down slowly or faster.

There will no doubt be lots more water around next week but not falling from the sky but from peoples eyes!

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