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That festive feeling ...

This week the children have been playing with the figures in our nativity scene and narrating their own versions of the Christmas story. One version is as follows: "Angel flying....she has golden hair and no shoes.....Mary and Joseph went to the market and the angel looked after Jesus". Indeed there were lots of babies being born this week at Noah's Ark, they were all taken care of by our team of doctors and nurses. Other children were more interested in the types of animals present in the stable and this led us on a journey of discovering what noises they would make, where they might live and what they would eat.

Santa's elves were busy practising their scissor skills, getting creative at their work stations, while the "snow covered" and glittery playdough was used to make festive treats. Our "invitations to learning" were well received; providing lots of opportunity to talk and listen, to share the children's ideas & thoughts and to support their mark making and imagination.

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