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Welcome back to fun and friendship!

It was lovely to hear the setting filled with the laughter, giggles, chatter and singing of children again after so many weeks. Our new procedures did not phase them at all and they came in eagerly and confidently, ready to get back to their favourite activities and areas of play.

Prior to re-opening we carefully considered the government guidance, wrote a very long & detailed risk assessment and discussed which resources and books to put out; we needed things that were familiar to the children but easy to clean. We also added some that are new, with open ended learning opportunities to explore. As you can see by the photos, the children (they are not able to social distance but only attend in their small 'bubbles') engaged in a vast array of activities that included: building a dinosaur park, making mint tea, flower arranging, cooking lasagne in the mud kitchen, decorating sandcastles, exploring the enormous bamboo, mending bikes, mixing shades of different colours, completing  jigsaws & finding the rhymes, building with blocks, hula hoop classes, recreating & exploring the solar system, playing with cogs, going camping, attending sick patients & animals, selling ice-cream & cappuccinos from the kiosk. Phew!

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