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Dens and spiders

Wow what a packed week. Here goes:

Role play-pretending to be dogs and going for walks on a lead, going on holiday, hospitals, looking after babies.

Building skyscrapers, playing with Lego, creating dens using big branches and tarpaulin;

mud kitchen making soup and mud pies, looking for bugs

Using tape measures

Blowing bubbles

Counting beanbags, throwing beanbags into pots

Building in the sandpit and tuff tray


Tying knots

Adult support given with:

exploring corn on the cob and tasting cooked sweet corn.

Making ratatouille and tasting it with bread

exploring autumn leaves, conkers, seeds, dragonflies, butterflies

Making spiders from polystyrene eggs and pipe cleaners

Making kites

Experimenting with guttering pipe and rolling wheels down

Measuring in the water tray using small containers

Making boats to float in puddles

Making "dog" masks"

Taking turns,sharing

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