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Anticipation is in the air!

At the moment we are anticipating that there might be snow coming our way, but this week the children experienced anticipation in a number of ways. From wondering what mini beasts they might find under logs and leaves, or how high the frogs will jump; to experiencing colour changing rice and warm buttered crumpets possibly for the first time.

Imaginative food was high on the menu too this week with fabulous creations with play dough and coloured rice made for snacks to eat during "movie night".

The children were captivated by the introduction of our latest purchase - a bubbly, colour changing sensory tube, that complimented our space "invitation to play".

With Christmas not far away, Santa's little helpers have been busy making paper chains and Santa's bigger elves have decorated the room today and are eager to see the children's faces on Monday morning.

Keep warm, brrrrr!!

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