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The great outdoors...

The wonderful weather we have been enjoying has fired up the children's imagination this week. Creative hands were supported by the team to build a camp fire on which marshmallows were toasted and tea brewed. Whilst some enjoyed a cuppa others went on mini beast hunts or engaged in a bit of bird spotting. For those children wanting a challenge to stretch their physical aptitude we constructed zig-zag bridges to navigate. Meanwhile other children used their ingenuity to make a slide using the available resources.

Of course during this week there was water-a-plenty to either cool down with or have fun experimenting using coloured water, ice cubes, watering cans and squirty bottles. Fun times were not exclusively for the outdoors; inside children engaged in story telling using puppets, made food for the fairies, completed tricky jigsaws and cooked up treats in the kitchen. The children were excited to meet some of their teachers who had come in for a visit from one of our local primary schools.

Looking ahead to next week the weather still looks good so I wonder what adventures we will go on?

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