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Cooking up a storm

Children's interests:

Role-play: Princesses, going on holiday, hairdressers, parties, going into space in a rocket (climbing frame)

Mark-making: using chalk, paints, sand, mud (giving meaning to marks i.e. names, this is mummy, daddy, this is a rainbow)

Sound game- guessing what which sound matches the photograph

Blowing bubbles


Musical instruments

Throwing beanbags

Mud kitchen-cooking, baking, filling trucks with mud-transporting.

Looking for snails (making houses for them)

Adult supported:

Boundaries of behaviour (pushing, kicking, respect for environment & living things e.g. snails)

Planting -how to care for plants

Disruption of others play- guided to throw beanbags at target on the wall instead of at others

Help to set up goal post so children can kick into net.

Taking turns

Adult focus activities

healthy lunchboxes

baking chocolate muffins

baking strawberry buns

Making pizza's

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