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Making music and fruit salad!

Children's interests:

Role-play has included being patients, nurses and Doctors, being mummies, big sisters, brothers, looking after babies, being a spy, hosting tea & birthday parties.

Using Duplo -making a car that drives under the sea, a hoover

using a variety of instruments inside and outdoors, singing along to songs and nursery rhymes

Using toy camera to take selfies & photos of other children "say cheese".

Threading beads and making bracelets, necklaces

Snail watching

Hide and seek game

Building with wooden bricks

Adult support given:

Computer counting game and mouse control

How to care for creatures we find in outdoor area

scissor skills

Adult focuses:

5 Green bottles game

Oliver's fruit salad -read story then chop up fruit to make salad

mark making in paint using fingers, small world trains

Letter stones, feeling the letter-matching it to letter in phonics book

Talk about visits to our new schools

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