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What if...?

Children's interests:

Lots of role-play- playing hairdressers, firemen, doctors, ambulance people, having babies, fixing the bridge, leaking pipes, pirates looking for treasure, having sleep-overs, weather presenter, being polar bears and even zombies!

What if..?

what happens if we mix water and chalk?

"I want to make the dirty water clean again" How do I do it?

Creating structures using bricks , pipes and guttering to roll balls down or capture water.

Making wooden house into a haunted house-using black pipe cleaners to represent snakes and spiders

Using the petrol pump to give people special powers

Paintings of gardens and a giraffe and using dry wipe pens

Playing hide and seek

Using toy camera and real camera

Playing tennis - improvising with the use of large ball and 2 sticks

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