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Picnic on a rocket

Children's interests

Lots of building and use of imagination:

Role-play-closing the bridge or road for repairs, building houses for the fairies, building mermaid sand castles, connecting pipes for water to flow down, blowing bubbles in water with tubes, creating recycling plant, painting houses, moving house and having picnics in rockets, going to the moon.

Mud kitchen making "chocolate cake".


Very physical: jumping, sliding, "rock climbing", chasing

Craft area: using different collage materials, using stamp and ink pads, mixing paint to make different colours.

Writing party invitations and delivering them.

Writing letters to say sorry for the road being closed!

Adult-lead activities:

Shelling peas at snack time. How many in the pod?

Using variety of intelligent materials - nuts & bolts, shells, coloured stones, coloured beads to create pictures.

Alphabet match game. Initial sounds in words

Using stencils and paint to create bug pictures

Reading "Starting School" book and talk about our new schools

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