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Fairyland in the sand

Children's interests:

Lots of mark-making -drawing crosses in chalk to stop people escaping, drawing snails, gorilla's, chimpanzee's ,mermaids, family members, family pets; painting rainbow's.

Brass rubbings of number plaques and creating number line outside.

Role-play included going on picnics, attending weddings, camping, going into space.

Making food in mud kitchen and making it a McDonald's restaurant.

Building "fairyland" in the sandpit.

Recreating a beach, adding water and making a lake.

Funnelling water through pipes and tubes to water the plants

Building a boat with a slide that goes into the sea.

Making masks

Going on a bug hunt

Singing "Let-it-go" song from Frozen -then making models of some of the characters

making "cakes" using strawberry smelling play-do

Adult support given with

Risk assessment- Is it safe?

Taking turns-playing monster snap card game

Dressing independently -getting ready for school

Making up lyrics to songs

Scissor control

Hoop skills

Electric guitar-how to change the sound

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