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Good to be back

Children's interests have included;


Making new friends, exploring the outdoor area and finding slugs, snails, spiders (using magnifying glasses).Harvesting and tasting the carrots we sowed back in spring.

Playing football, throwing & catching balls, using golf clubs. Making sandcastles & digging in the sand, painting with water on the walls and floor. Riding on the trikes, using binoculars and toy camera. Request for slide to be put out.

Inside: constructing models with Lego, on the computer, small world toys, rockets using magnetic blocks, role-play and looking after babies, being hairdressers, exploring the sounds of musical instruments. Playdo table-making buns and pizza's. Looking at books, retelling the story of 3 Little Pigs. Drawing pictures of family members, writing own name.

Adult support given with:

Health and hygiene practices, using scissors safely, respecting toys & environment.

Reinforcing boundaries.

Taking turns.

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