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Building bridges

Children's interests:

Role-play: shopping at farm shop, building bridges, cementing the bricks, going on a picnic, Doctor's and patients, teachers & students,pirates

Building dens, junk modelling

playing hide and seek, playing monster snap card game, using shape sorters, exploring sounds that instruments make.

Mark-making-painting at easel, chalking on floor outside,

Mixing corn-flour, water & food colouring, mixing porridge oats, dried pasta & split peas

Scissor control

Looking for insects (especially dragonflies)

Walking on stilts, using balancing scales, balancing across walkways using milk crates & planks

Adult support given with:

risk taking. Is it safe to this or that ?

Taking turns and sharing

Matching shapes, naming them, sorting them

Using intelligent materials

Adult focus activities

Pom- pom flower counting game

Electronic matching shape game

Making milkshakes

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