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Painting volcanoes

Children's interests included:

Snipping and cutting with scissors and making collages, building with Lego, building tall towers with community wooden blocks ,hide and seek, jigsaws, using indoor water tray with small containers; pouring & emptying, adding glitter & food colouring.

Making trails using splat down hands and feet, threading beads & making bracelets, playing in the mud kitchen, sorting into colour groups.

Physical: throwing beanbags at skittles, how many can you knock off the wall? Jumping from crate to crate (judging distance), climbing frame. pulling pulleys, rolling hula hoops.

Lots of mark making in various forms:

Painting volcanoes, using spray bottle filled with coloured water to spray onto paper, what does it look like? Mixing paint onto wallpaper (painters and decorators), chalking on the floor.

Role play: mechanics, at the car wash, obeying traffic lights, going to a wedding, looking after babies, being chased by monsters.

Adult support given with:

Scissor control, playing Greedy Gorilla game.

Supporting fine motor skills with pincer grip using tweezers and pom poms

Taking turns to go in the box as Dear Zoo story was told, what animal will you be?

Baking chocolate buns-an extension to children's interest in working with the chocolate playdo from last week.

Taking photographs using real camera

Also undertook 2 fire drills this week

Stories we read this week included Dear Zoo, Hungry Caterpillar, Forgetful Mog, Pirate Pete's Potty.

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