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Children's interests have encompassed playing with dinosaurs, looking at ladybirds found in the outdoor area, using pipes & slide to roll wheels down and other objects, building towers and other structures, mark making, building cities in the sandpit, chalking, using hula hoops.

Role-play-dressing up as pirates, playing mummies and daddies, buying food from the shop, fixing vehicles in the garage, Cinderella role-play, dentist/doctors & Super heroes, playing vampires.

Adult support:

Talk about how to keep safe when trick & treating.

Using the watercolour rainbow set.

Talking about the use of lifejackets on a boat.

Playing Incy Wincy Spider game (counting dice & how many places to move).

Leaf rubbing.

Fire work song and dancing with streamers followed by creating firework pictures.

Story writing - the story of Cinderella (and drawing)through the voice of the child.

Why we need to check bonfires before lighting in case hedgehogs are hibernating. This led onto building hedgehog/bug houses.

Books read:

Meg on the Moon, Handa's Surprise, Police Officer, Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin, The bad tempered ladybird, The Great Snortle Hunt, Vicky the Vet.

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