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Pirates and snowballs

Children's interests:

Role-play included dressing up as pirates ,using maps & building a pirate ship. Pretending to be at school, domestic role play, selling & buying things at the shop, running a café, building bonfires, building bridges .

Mark-making-interest in new white boards by drawing pictures or attempting to write own names, painting bonfire pictures, drawing ladders in chalk, making maps.

Table top activities included using tap-a-shape, playing with the marble run, spotty dog game, making bracelets & necklaces with beads, shape sorter.

Outside we enjoyed the snow and made snowballs, tried to catch snowflakes, gathered leaves and made leaf soup.

Adult focuses:

Talked about what children did on bonfire night & then created firework pictures

Circle time singing and dancing

Making edible bird pictures using lard & seeds & talk about why we need to help them at this time of year.

Exploring properties of ice (small items encase in ice )

Talked about significance of wearing poppies

Adult support given with taking turns at playing What time is it Mr Wolf

Fine motor skills-threading, using scissors, sewing.

We also enjoyed the company of 2 mums who stayed and played, much to the delight of the other children too.

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