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Making Christmas cake and lots of other festive magic!

This week the children have been building "trains" buying their tickets and going to Knaresborough, Harrogate and London. Some children have gone a bit further afield and built a "rocket" to take them to the "blue planet". Other role-play themes have included going on holiday, super heroes, riding on Santa's sleigh with reindeer.

Other interests have included jigsaws, tap-a-shape, magnetic blocks, magnetic letters, playing our new matching ladybird board game, making handprints in the frost, making "gingerbread houses" using orange play dough, shape sorters, playing what time is it Mr Wolf, singing, looking at books.

Adult activities whereby children were supported in activity or to extend thinking included:

Reading story of "No tree for Christmas" (Nativity story) & talk about the Knaresborough Christmas tree

Making 2D & 3D houses out of straws & play-dough, buttons and beads (Hanzel & Gretel story)

Graphic scores- mark making on white boards (musical instruments)

Adding -counting objects

Creating Christmas lists

Making our Noah's Ark Christmas cake for the Crib service

Talking about Advent calendars

Making Christmas cards.

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