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Pipes and balls

Role-play has involved attending a christening party, sending out invitations to a Frozen party, going on holiday, doctors and patients, having a picnic, looking after babies, putting on a panto (Lion in the witch and wardrobe as spoken by children)

Creativity- some children have made use of the junk modelling materials and made a train and a dragon, others have painted icy pictures, hand printing & drawing "transformer" characters. Shapes seem to be a continuing interest both inside and outside (shapes in the environment).

Other interests: jigsaws, matching key picture game, exploring Russian doll (different sizes fit into each other),tent and slide, magnetic letters, ribbons in the wind, pipes and balls, birthday play-dough cakes and exploring texture of rice/lentils,measuring & pouring. Building with Lego.

Adult support and activities included attending a Diddi dance session in the church hall, making Silly Soup with rhyming objects, exploring properties of jelly, Going on a bear hunt story and then sequencing the story using picture cards.

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