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First aid and birthday cake

Tis the season of coughs, colds and sneezes so we started the week learning about how to keep ourselves health by good hand washing practice. The children became engaged in hospital role-play which was inspired by new first aid kit equipment (lots of bandaging!)

Further role-play included Superhero girls, police officers, babies clinic, running a coffee shop/café, hairdressers, recycling depot & having picnics.

Some children revisited themes from previous week i.e. building obstacle courses, ropes and bikes (rescuing). Others tried balancing on stilts, jumping from one obstacle to another, rolling wheels down guttering pipe.

Counting and matching games were a popular choice as well as letter recognition (adult support given with phonic sound & letter name).

Junk modelling saw children building 3D models, Lego construction saw a "snail" being created and "a walk the plank" scene. Painting of unicorns & hand aliens.

Language and communication was supported with sessions of nursery narrative & imaginative story telling using props.

We also celebrated a birthday and were treated to a fabulous cake.

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