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Making masks and collages

The children were refreshed from the February half term break and were soon involved in lots of imaginary play:

Superhero play and making masks, hairdressers, being dogs/wolves/tadpoles, Lion the Witch and the wardrobe pantomime, pretending to be frogs, Halloween!

Small world animals, life cycles, imaginary zoo

Making "Hungry Caterpillar" collages, drawing members of our family, writing names & stories, drawing trains.

Exploring shapes and coloured splats, building tall towers, making ramps for balls to roll down, cooking in the mud kitchen making fudge and chocolate icing, measuring, balancing & weighing water.

Slide was requested to be put out by the children.

Played hide and seek, musical statues

Stories requested: "Peace at Last," The Queen's Knickers story sack, "Whatever Next?" "Lulu's Loo"

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