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Fighting fires and lots more role-play!

Role-play included lots of fire fighting and police activity along with doctors, hairdressers and dinosaurs.

Making masks was another continued interest from last week as well as playing with small world figures and animals.

Lots of mixing paints with brushes and hands, what will happen if ...?, "painting" with water outside, using pastels to draw tractors.Reading Elmer story and then making Elmer patterns using tissue paper.

Measuring how long bones were & measuring distance (how far the frogs jumped) plus which bucket was heaviest on the outside scales.

Story sacks included "The Very Quiet Cricket, The Queen's Knickers and Frogs, Moggy the frog".

Early Spring cleaning too with children helping to "wash the windows" plant flowers.

Building with Lego and creating a story line, building roads in the sandpit, mixing "cement" & building bridges.

Windy Wednesday gave us an opportunity to make and fly kites.

Discovering seashells and learning what creature might have lived in it.

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