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Hunting for treasure

The children have been involved in selling ice-cream role-play, delivering items in the trailer, making "cement" using sand and water, pretending to be dogs, going to the doctors, building aeroplane bikes, hunting for treasure using maps.

Over the past few days the children have been noticing how the frogs spawn has changed and we now have some tadpoles!

Painting outside has been a continued interest with children asking for palette paints as well as "painting" with water.

The craft table saw children making Mothers Day cards, musical shakers, monster and aliens made out of playdo.

Other interests included a variety of jigsaws, putting numbers in order, counting ducks, singing songs & rhymes, trying to keep a beat to the music with instruments, dominoes. Some children have brought in their favourite books from home for us to read together, mud kitchen, throwing and catching beanbags, using the stilts, skittles.

We celebrated Red Nose Day by making collage funny faces and monsters.

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