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Building building building!

Lots of building activities this week from building/creating bridges (using sand as cement), rockets, zoo's, jungles, mobile phones, obstacle courses, houses, bugs and Lego robots.

The children have noticed how our tadpoles have changed and some even drew some pictures of them. Some children have been practicing writing letters of their names, creating tickets for the pantomime and drawing in chalk outside.

Role-play has included serving/visiting the "ice-cream" shop, superhero play, police dogs, going to the vet, looking after babies, visiting the doctor.

With the weather warming up we filled up the water table outside to do some spring cleaning & the children helped to wash some of the toys. The mud kitchen was well used too this week to create lots of "food".

Lots of story telling; Going on a Bear Hunt, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, The Grumpy Cat, Mog goes to the V.E.T.

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