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Ramps and walkways

"In the moment planning" has got off to a great start with staff supporting, extending children's thinking and encouraging children with their chosen activities which have included:

using magnetic letters to spell names and forming written letters too, alphabet jigsaw, using mixed media, building a variety of wooden structures with bricks & small world toys. Exploring shapes & the sounds different musical instruments make.

It has been a very "physical" week too with children wanting to create ramps and walkways using what they can find in the environment. These activities have enabled staff to support children with safety aspects and risk. Gross motor skills have been supported with lots of catching, throwing and kicking balls and beanbags.

The natural world has also played a big part in children's interests with building houses for snails, looking for spiders and bird watching.

Role-play themes have included visiting the doctors/hospital, measuring feet at the shoe shop, all aboard the pirate ship too.

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