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Mermaids and more

Lots of role-play this week which has seen the children "going to the hospital", having their hair done, building a variety of structures which have incorporated measuring & problem solving, police officers taking finger prints, going on holiday and decorating the house for Christmas!

Mermaids have been a favourite topic of play this week too, from reading stories about them to actually creating some in the craft area.

The new Duplo resources were used to create a tiger cage, robots/transformers and even a totem pole

On Friday we enjoyed a leavers' service with Playbox to celebrate new beginnings and how the children have changed and grown since starting at Noah's Ark.

Adult support was given with:

  • resolving conflict and sharing

  • independence with accessing resources

  • sustained shared thinking

  • how to care for the environment

We were lucky to have more new toys delivered this week which the children used extensively.

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