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Back to it....

This week has seen the children getting into their learning strides quickly and have covered a variety of topics/activities encompassing all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Building rockets, space stations, being superheroes and rescuing pets, role-play as police constables, fixing bikes in the garage, selling ice-cream from the kiosk, cooking in the mud kitchen and having lunch in a café.

Climbing the new climbing frame and honing their balancing skills on the wooden beams and bridges, throwing & catching balls, rolling hula hoops, rising "hobby horses" weaving & threading

Painting rainbows, writing letters and posting them, using stencils, painting with water and brushes. Reading the Hungry Caterpillar & using props to re-tell the story.

Listening to music on the headphones, exploring a variety of musical instruments, matching noises to animals, creating birthday cakes using playdough and matchsticks for candles, using measuring tape, blowing bubbles.

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