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Getting to know you...

Nursery narrative sessions this week saw the children partake in lots of games which involved listening, taking turns, sharing and, for new children to the setting, getting to know each others names.

Mathematics and literacy have been keen areas of interest to the children which saw activities such as post office role-play, alphabet puzzles, sequencing patterns, matching sizes and shapes, singing rhymes with numbers in them, reading books with numbers in them and playing What Time is it Mr Wolf.

The Gruffalo story was a favourite read for many which led play onto creating owl figures and owl ice-cream.

In the outdoor area there was lots of building works going on and traffic light controllers were needed for the road works.

With the autumnal weather upon us the children enjoyed catching leaves,making kites and going camping.

On Saturday we enjoyed a great coffee morning which gave an opportunity for parents and staff to chat, eat Gruffalo cakes and play!

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