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Pumpkin and painting week!

Our pumpkin was turned into some delicious soup that was made by the children but not before we explored the inside and counted the seeds. Continuing this interest we also went on a pumpkin hunt (the children cut out and numbered their pumpkins and hid them around the garden), created mini pumpkins out of orange playdough, placed numbered pumpkins in numerical order and read "Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin".

Mixing, dotting & splatting paint was a popular activity too as you can see by the photographs.

We also took delivery of our Sainsbury's Active Kids order this week. The children helped to unpack the parcel and were soon playing with the new resources.

Other interests included: making trails using new arrow splat mats, mixing "cement" for building, volcano eruptions, finger puppets, jigsaws, making dens, building houses for dinosaurs, being giants (on stilts) and superheroes who had a variety of special powers!

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