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The first week back...

The first week back after the Christmas holidays and the children were eager to catch up with friends, explore and engage with a variety of activities such as :

exploring the ice outside, jumping in muddy puddles, constructing new paths that rain had washed away, den making and building houses.

The new yellow playdough was turned into birthday cakes, spaghetti bolognese, fried eggs and dinosaur sculptures! Lots of reading in the book corner along with story sack resources. Although Christmas has gone some children still wanted to decorate the outside house with tinsel and pinecones.

The art easel was frequently visited this week with lots of mixing, creating new colours and using textured pads to make patterns.

Others interest included a variety of jigsaws, listening games, railway track, small world animal and dinosaurs, making bird nests (using tyre and camouflage net), magnifying glasses, woodenmosaic pieces, doctors role-play and our superheroes returned too.

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