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Unique week ...

As this weeks photos show no two weeks are the same with children's interests including:

Lots of board games: shopping trolley, greedy gorilla, Incey Wincey spider, memory card games & snap!

Building works took place both inside and out with rockets, aeroplanes, buses and obstacle courses. Role-play included "going to McDonalds", rescuing kittens, giants, doctors, superheroes and the three little pigs.

Despite the weather, porridge & mud bird food was made in the mud kitchen along with coffee and other beverages.

Hide the dinosaur, hide and seek and the "lava" game were more games played outside.

The new caramel scented play dough was turned into a snowman village, birthday cakes and dinosaur eggs!

Goldilocks and the three bears along with Jack and The Beanstalk were the favourite stories this week but children accessed the book corner to select others to "read" to their friends too.

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