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Access all areas...

...from mathematics to the wonders of nature.

The weather inspired the children into creating snow pictures, looking in detail at snowflakes with magnifying glasses, catching snowflakes and mud painting.

Number sequencing, counting how fast you could run, how far would the object go when rolled down the chute, weighing animals, snakes and ladders, drawing houses and naming shapes and how many buns?

Role-play included going into space, volcanoes and café culture, going on holiday, traffic police officer and being dinosaurs.

A stage was made and a concert put on with an orchestra and conductor. Roads and car parks were drawn as well as road clearing.

Children were supported to "put things back where they belonged" after playing with toys. They were also encouraged to "have-a-go" at putting own coats, shoes on and to try and open own lunch items such as crisps and yoghurt.

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