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A week of contrasts!

The children started the week building sandcastles and ended it building snowmen!

Lots of play both inside and outside which included:

playing What Time Is It Mr Wolf? hide and seek, life cycle of frogs, hoop games, target practice with bean bags, making stretchy dough, den building, building viaducts, surfing, using puppets, wood shaving natural play, phonics, matching numbers and counting, painting, writing other children's names, Mother day cards, building monster trucks outside, compare bears, water pipes and wheels,story sacks, pincer grip with tweezers and pom poms, shop/café (outside),stilts, doctor role-play, fishing game, jigsaws, practice fire-drills.

Adult support was given with how to manage feelings and voice them, respecting the environment and each other, taking turns, mark making, phonics (initial sounds), holding pencils, fostering independence with self-care making the right choices.

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