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All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small......

Last week saw the release of our butterflies and this week one of our froglets managed to jump out of the tank!

We have also discovered that our resident blackbird couple have become parents and they are busy flying to and fro with food to feed their chicks.

Many children have been engaged with small world animal toys and this resulted in Flamingo Land and a zoo being built.

Snails were discovered amongst the flowers and some children thought they needed a house building too - we learnt that snails don't like to swim! The children produced colourful snail paintings too.

This week also saw slime being made, children involved in role play with weddings, sports day activities, fixing leaks, taking selfies, drawing plans, making collage pictures, animal footprints, dancing, threading, making necklaces, dot-to-to pictures, playing with shapes, den making and watering the plants.

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