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Every season brings new learning experiences ...

... and Autumn is no exception with children bringing in items they have discovered out and about to show their friends. This meant we could count conkers, explore coloured leaves, life-cycles of animals and insects and find out about varieties of fruit and vegetables being harvested.

But also ....

Did you know there was a hole in the moon? Well that's one direction role-play took this week with children mark - making and expressing their ideas which in turn led to a rocket being built to help them get to the moon and fix the hole!

Back on the ground role-play also included fixing bridges, building towers, buying ice-cream and visiting the hair salon.

Matching was a favourite activity this week and came in many forms : playing with shape sorters, matching keys to pictures, animal footprints, Noah's Ark matching animal board game and using magnetic numbers to identify Thomas and Friends engines.

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