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New shop in town...

One of our parents kindly brought in a selection of seasonal vegetables for the children to explore; this set off a whole chain of activities that included us opening up the Noah's Ark Grocery shop.

Children took turns to be the shopkeeper and to weigh the vegetables, placing them in size order and pricing them up. Questions about the veg led to the purchase of a new book called "Supertato", about a superhero potato whose arch villain is an evil pea!

The children wanted to chop up some of the vegetables so cutting skills were supported along with knowledge in how to use knives safely.

Herbs also featured in our play this week with parsley being cut up and added to our homemade playdough. Again this was an opportunity to introduce sensory vocabulary and the measuring aspect of maths.

Making the most of the autumnal sunshine the staff took children to the castle grounds to see what lovely leaves they could gather, followed by a visit to a local cafe for hot chocolate.

Instead of going on a bug hunt some children went on a number hunt around the outdoor area with their clipboards recording which numbers they found. Mark making both inside and out have featured a great deal this week with paintings, drawings of family members and writing names on their artwork.

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