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Springing into action.

As we start a new spring term the children have been rising to challenges, testing out their ideas, engaging in role play based on first hand experiences and welcoming new friends to the setting.

So fasten your seat belts here we go! It was all aboard the plane to Spain, making sure we had our passports and had packed the right clothes.

A stable had to constructed for the unicorn, houses built for insects and parachutes made for the 5 frogs sitting on the log!

The Greedy Gorilla game was a favourite with the children because when he eats too many treats he burps but we reminded him to say excuse me. This led on to the children making healthy foods for snack time. We also explored the variety of diets animals eat and the different environments they live in which led onto lots of mark making....drawing scary bugs.

Lots of creativity with mixing paints and creating playdough mice & crocodiles as well as making pictures of Marvel superheroes.

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