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I spy with my big telescope...

.... lots of children having fun with bubbles, creating hedgehogs with the playdough, cooking in the mud kitchen, making music, taking turns with hiding the beanbags and playing what time is it Mr Werewolf? This was an opportunity to support children with number recognition, number sequencing and taking turns to be the werewolf!

With the cold weather there was talk of Jack Frost which led the children’s learning journey on to how could we create ice? Other interests included animal habitats and where in the world they lived?

The children were given the opportunity to help prepare a healthy fruit salad for snack-time which also incorporated good hygiene practice and safety aspects. The children show a great deal of confidence in choosing which activities to engage in, one of them being the construction obstacle courses which again brings an opportunity to talk about how to use equipment safely and risk taking. The builders were in again helping to cordon off areas, deliver supplies, mend areas, build fairy cities and build bridges.

It is great to see friendships blossom and imaginations bloom but at times there can be some discord surrounding the roles children take within role-play scenarios or who they want to play with. The team support the children with inclusion values, how to reach compromises and how to come to a resolution themselves which brings back harmony to their play.

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