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A smorgasbord of delights...

the children produced a feast for the eyes this week, using naturally sourced ingredients and our loose parts collections; they made more petal teas, daisy cakes, crab apple or vegetable soups, pizzas, picnic goodies and chocolate bread. Playing the popular game of greedy gorilla helped us talk about different foods and create healthy menus. We also planted some tomatoes alongside our squash plant.

We were lucky to have some fairy's visit our garden for a picnic and they were persuaded to stay for longer when the children created a swimming pool and diving board for them to enjoy. Pirates were searching for treasure and then hiding it again for others to find and if there was any trouble then we had some detectives and police officers on duty to reinstate order.

Using tools has become a favourite activity at the wood working bench but tools were also being used to create "monster trucks" and fix cars at the garage too. This gave an opportunity to support the children with measuring, problem solving, connecting and estimating skills.

Finally one little girl had an idea about jumping in muddy puddles which in turn led to the children creating a "swamp" for the dinosaurs and then water slides for them to go down.

You just don't know where one idea will lead to which is all part of the fun!

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