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Anyone for tea?

This week the children made creative use of flowers, water and herbs to make a variety of flower teas as well as creating a party for a baby elephant, picnics, making puddings, magic potions and preparing medicines. Whilst collecting ingredients and preparing such delicious treats we identified what flowers and plants we had in the garden along with what diets certain animals ate.

We also went on a bug hunt and discovered lots of worms, earwigs, spiders and woodlice under rocks and plant pots. Whilst on our hunt, we could hear birds singing so we went on to explore the different bird calls and identified the birds that we heard. In the meantime, the zoo keepers were very busy sweeping the animal pens and building new enclosures for the dinosaurs. There were also horses to take care of before riding them.

The rain at the end of the week provided lots of opportunities for catching raindrops, transporting or harnessing the water that was coming down the drainpipes. Indeed the rain was so heavy at times that it was decided that "breathing holes" needed to be drilled at the woodwork bench. Health and safety was talked about before the children got to work using the hammers, pliers, spirit level, vice and hacksaw. To round off the week, role-play took off with children boarding planes and trains along with their passports and maps to follow.

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