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Budding and blossoming!

It felt like Spring was in the air this week with flowers starting to bloom, a warmth to the sunshine and birds collecting twigs for their nests.

The windy weather at the beginning of the week afforded the children opportunities to create kites, to discover the wind direction, as well as raising the question of how we could catch it.

Not only were we catching the wind but also harnessing the energy of the children, resulting in a myriad of ideas! From building bridges both inside and out, creating slides, cooperation in making seesaws and delicious confectionery in our outdoor kitchen. The staff supported children's budding ideas and helped to steer them in directions that would extend their learning in the subjects they were interested in. Indeed, did you know that a metal sundae dish, tied to a trike handle bar, makes a fantastic wing mirror and stops you reversing over people's feet?

The blossoming of children's confidence and self esteem is great to see; it helps them to try new things and persevere if things don't quite go the way they had expected. Actually when the team create an invitation to play, we do not really know which direction the learning will take, making it all the more exciting as the children lead the way.

I wonder what we will discover next week?

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