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Conker cake anyone?

As Autumn arrives so do new opportunities to discover natures bounty. Our conkers and crab apples were used with the playdough to create birthday cakes, conker buns, apple pie and many more delights. The varied gourds offered questions up about whether they were a fruit or vegetable?, How heavy were they? Which one was the biggest? What did they feel like?

The beautiful coloured leaves that are falling all around made us explore how to mix paints together to create oranges, browns and other hues.

Anyone making a bonfire would be relieved that there were firefighters available who had even built their own fire engine! Other role-play included going on picnics, taking pets to the vet, birthday parties and flying superheroes.

The wooden community blocks were used to create tall towers, a long winding road with tunnels, roundabouts and even letters of the alphabet.

Having conversations with children is amazing!

A child talked about a family member having a blood test. This conversation led us on a journey about discovering what constituted a healthy diet and what happens when we break a bone.

I wonder what we will talk about next week?

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