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Feats of engineering...

Creating structures or doing a spot of DIY were only some of the activities the children engaged in this week. The fairies were lucky to have a huge maze created for them to navigate through or they could try and climb huge wooden towers. Swamp monsters and spidey pictures were designed, natural objects found from around the garden were used to make big paintings, rocks and shells were used to make penguin environments or given a makeover using coloured chalk. For snack we cut up and tasted the juicy fruits that have been growing on children's allotments. The dinosaurs were given a lovely bubble bath and then put to bed.

The rain provided an opportunity to tog up and get splashing in puddles and for those who preferred to stay dry there were clues to find in rhyming jigsaw puzzles, planes to board to go on holiday, Numicon matching challenges and kittens to be house trained.

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